Counter-Strike Gets A New Update Containing

Developer Random Potion Oy and publisher Wild River Games have announced a new RPG, The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes, which allows players to team up to take on adventures in the fantasy world of Aventuria.

The game was previously announced in August 2019. There was not much information when the game was originally announced, only a few key elements and plans for the game. Since the game was announced, a trailer is exit. Most recently, The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes was available at PAX East in mid-February to play. Counter-Strike Gets A New Update Containing Things No One Asked For, And Two New Maps

The game is based on The Dark Eye license with the rules of the 5th edition. The first edition was originally released in 1984, so many players might be interested in revisiting Aventuria through the new game. The title was developed with the owner of the rights, Ulisses Spiele.

“Book of Heroes immerses you in the fantastic world of Aventuria where you can raid dungeons and experience adventures, with friends or alone, which you can only overcome with skill and strength combined.” indicates the official summary of the Steam store.

Although the game offers a multiplayer mode in cooperation with up to four players, there is a lot of content to enjoy for solo players. There are eight individual scenarios, but solo players don’t have to play completely alone. They can hire additional help from the Inn of the Black Boar.

The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes contains 12 playable professions with four playable species. Professions include Assassin, Mercenary, Blessed Rondra, Knight or Dark Magician. There is creation and development of characters using Inrah card games. Players can craft and upgrade their items using the loot they discover in the game.