DaBaby Threatens Driver And Punches Him In The Back Of The Head

Hot New Hip Hop has picked up another story about DaBaby, the 28-year-old rapper who frequently finds himself in trouble with the authorities. Despite being one of the biggest rappers in the industry right now, DaBaby has been in trouble with the police on several occasions in recent years.

A new TMZ report claims that artist Blame it on Baby and several of his friends called a car service in Las Vegas in November 2019 and smoked weed inside the van. The driver told them to turn off the joint, and that was when the altercation became violent.DaBaby Threatens Driver And Punches Him In The Back Of The Head

DaBaby, his team and the driver argued about smoking weed in the vehicle. The police report says that DaBaby and his friends began to threaten and curse the driver, including telling him that he was lucky not to be in “their city” because they allegedly killed him.

After arriving at the Hard Rock Hotel, the driver asked for payment and instead, DaBaby hit him on the head and told him that he was not “the boss”. They then grabbed their bags from the back of the van and told him that he was lucky that he hadn’t killed him.

Currently, there is an arrest warrant against DaBaby for tort battery. This means that he has accumulated another charge on his file and that he will probably have problems the next time he returns to town for a performance.