Destiny 2 And Grand Theft Auto V Are Part

It sounds almost obvious, but it’s not the one that Steam easily offers; Dead Cells just launched an update on Steam allowing players to go back in time to any patch they released and play the game as it was. As the Motion Twin development team continues to repeat the success of their roguelike dungeon crawler, they wanted to ensure that die-hard fans could continue playing the game exactly as they enjoyed it; now fans who own the game on Steam can do just that.

It’s not quite as simple as some people want it to be, so don’t be worth this while expecting to click a button and finish it. You’ll have to click five buttons to explore Dead Cells in all its splendor of Christmas Story, with past, present and future versions. Oh, it was good. First, you will need to find the game in your Steam library and right-click it (1 click). Select the properties (2) and select the Beta tab (3). Select the version of Dead Cells you want to play from the drop-down list . Destiny 2 And Grand Theft Auto V Are Part Of The 12 Most Played Steam Games Of 2019 Close the window (5) and wait for Steam to finish updating the title. Five clicks and you can play any version of the game you want.

In addition to this, Dead Cells also automatically stores backups of your progress in zip files; you can now restore your backup in the event of a problem while making a mistake in previous versions. You will need to temporarily disable backups in the Steam cloud in order to perform the restore, but it’s fairly simple for the dedicated.

This patch also brings two new mutations dealing specifically with ice and two new weapons. The weapons are Ice Shield and Ice Armor, focusing on crowd control with the former and adding a sort of panic button with the latter, for players who suddenly find themselves at an unpleasantly possible end to their run.