Donald Trump Finally Speaks From The Heart

Believe it or not, Trump also shocked many by blaming the former president for the failing manner in which he and Vice President Mike Pence handled the coronavirus epidemic.

In an interview, the former reality star spoke from his heart and said about Obama, “I didn’t like the guy.”

He later added, “I didn’t like his job. I didn’t like the work that he and Biden were doing. I did not like the position in which they placed us. I did not like what he did to our soldiers. ”

Trump has admitted to speaking to Obama once since arriving at the White House. Trump then took a few hits from his predecessor for the fiasco of a deployment of American tests for the new coronavirus. Donald Trump Finally Speaks From The Heart And Shares His True Feelings About Former President Barack Obama

The controversial president said, “The Obama administration made a decision on testing that has proven to be very detrimental to what we do, and we overturned that decision a few days ago so that testing could take place at a much more precise level and fast mode. It was a decision with which we disagreed. I don’t think we would have done it, but for some reason it was done. But we overturned this decision. ”

Obama skillfully responded to Trump with an eloquent response to the spread of the coronavirus: “Protect yourself and your community from the coronavirus with common sense precautions: wash your hands, stay home when sick, and listen to it @CDCgov and local health authorities. Keep the masks for healthcare workers. Let’s stay calm, listen to the experts and follow the science. ”

One person said, “Why he talked about it makes me feel comfortable. Trump had pissed me off. 😭 ”

Another speaker said, “It’s a presidential response.” Phew! We needed this insurance. It can always depend on our president forever