Get A Glimpse Of A Few Of Tifa’s Amazing

Tifa is one of the most popular characters from the original Final Fantasy VII. Not only is she arguably the second most important hero in the whole game, but she was also one of the main focal points for Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, the game’s next film.

There is a reason for this: Tifa kicks a lot of buttocks! He’s a master of martial arts and the only hero in the whole game who doesn’t use a weapon.

Of course, with the limited capabilities of the 1997 PlayStation One version of Final Fantasy VII, the typical Tifa attack was limited to nothing more than a simple punch and kick with a few chained limit breaks.

Everything changes in Final Fantast VII Remake. Tifa is one of the most skilled fighters in the game, and she shows her prowess in a series of shared images
Get A Glimpse Of A Few Of Tifa’s Amazing Fighting Moves In Final Fantasy VII Remake
Tifa uses action-packed combat moves in Final Fantasy VII Remake, enabling rapid-fire combos, “Square said in the tweet.” Her powerful unique ability is a three-step move: Whirling Uppercut, Omnistrike, Rise and Fall. ”

In the original game, Tifa was no stranger to chained attacks. His original series of boundary breaks worked on a slot machine system. The player would engage in the selection mini-game to determine the effectiveness of Tifa’s combo. They could either strike for major damage, moderate damage, or miss it all together.

These three strikes aren’t Tifa’s only thing. Square continued its initial tweet with one showcasing another amazing series of moves.
a holds a special place in the history of Final Fantasy VII. She is Cloud’s childhood friend, and the two share a deep bond that results from both friendship and shared trauma. Tifa may have so many reasons to hate