Halle Berry Mocks Relationship With

Halle Berry recently shot Sarah Palin in response to a Daily Blast Live tweet. Page Six reported that the 53-year-old Oscar winner responded to a tweet on Friday evening highlighting their shared lineage.

And Halle replied: “She may be on the same tree, but she is NOT invited to the barbecue.” Although Berry apparently does not intend to meet her at a family reunion in the near future, the phrase “barbecue guest” does not apply to Ms. Palin.

Page six reports that the expression is often used by blacks, and it is generally used to designate non-black public figures who are accepted and trustworthy. In 2012, Halle shared that she and Palin were actually linked in a conversation with journalists from Extra.

John Wick: Chapter 3 actress told Jerry Penacoli that she and Palin were related. The star claims that someone randomly sent her the information one day. Halle Berry Mocks Relationship With Distant Relative Sarah Palin

These days, the actress has worked on her career, including her aforementioned role in John Wick: Chapter 3, with herself and the Matrix alum, Keanu Reeves. Last year, in November, it was reported that Berry was actually injured on the set and had to temporarily postpone the set so that she could recover.

he frequent publications of Berry on social networks showing his exercise regiment. Typically, his posts involve the personal trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, and many people actually think they are dating.

Some photos show them very close to each other, which has sparked rumors that they are dating or at least sleeping together. The couple do not hesitate to congratulate themselves on the Gram, given that they do it often.

Recently, Mr. Thomas said that he had never met someone as hardworking and committed as Halle. In response, a fan claimed that they thought they were actually dan