Is Jennifer Lawrence Already Bored

Is Jennifer Lawrence already bored of married life with Cooke Maroney? This is the subject of a new article in the next issue of March 16, 2020 of Star magazine. Known for her wild spirit, incredible acting, and outgoing personality, a source told the store that Jennifer was having trouble adjusting to her new married life because she was no longer having fun. The source explained that Jennifer and Cooke did not see each other at all and now some fear that the honeymoon will stop and leave Jennifer withIs Jennifer Lawrence Already Bored Of Married Life With Cooke Maroney?

Jennifer Lawrence is 29 and Cooke Maroney is 34. It is not as if there is a huge age difference between the two which should create a distance between them. The source continued to pour tea to Star and said there was a growing divide, mainly because their personalities were very different.

Neither Jennifer Lawrence nor Cooke Maroney spoke about St’s report

Although they had only been married for four months, the source continued to state that they were already following their paths. The source said Jen was missing out on her fun, partying so that she would be toned now that she was married.

“Jen had to be a class act and adapt to the intellectual world of Cookie, which she did with pleasure for him. But really, it’s just not her. He goes to work and she stays at home, exercises and purchases online. It is uneventful. Jen seems to be having more fun when Cooke isn’t there. She can be herself, have a few drinks – and not feel