Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Quest Rewards

Xbox Game Pass Quests, a system that rewards you for playing games, has suffered a big nerve. These points have been used to claim rewards in Microsoft Reward apps, but it looks like it might be more difficult now with recent changes.

The changes haven’t been announced, but they’re pretty obvious when you look at March’s reward points. On 3730 points available the month of

From the daily challenges of the Game Pass, you could earn up to 900 points per month only in February. However, with the new changes, you can only earn 300 for daily challenges. Here’s a quick rundown of the reddit u / BoulderCast user’s calculations.

BEFORE = ~ 3730 per monthMicrosoft Xbox Game Pass Quest Rewards Are Hit By A Heavy Nerf – Are They Worth Doing?

Game Pass Quailies (30 per day * 30) = 900

Weekly Game Passes (~ 275 per week * 4.3) = 1,180

Monthly Game Pass (~ 1,650 per month) = 1,650

NOW = ~ 885 per month

The changes are drastic, to say the least. There has been a response on Twitter and social media, but Xbox has yet to announce why they made the changes. It is likely that the changes were made because the rewards system was undermining their bottom line, essentially losing them too much on their content.

Many have debated whether the monthly challenges are worth completing, especially if the values ​​on the buyout app remain the same (what they have so far.) At this rate, this could take 2-3 times more to win cosmetic items in a game, for example, or rent a movie. What is originally a unique idea from Microsoft