Mobile Version of Riot’s Teamfight Tactics to Release

Earlier this year, Riot announced that it will bring its automatic chess mode, Teamfight Tactics, to the mobile platform. We didn’t have an exact release date, and that hasn’t changed, but Riot went ahead and shortened the time interval we can expect.

In a Christmas stream, Teamfight Tactics lead designer Stephen “MortDog” Mortimer revealed that the release of Teamfight Tactics Mobile would arrive before May 2020. He overlooked all the details and changed the subject shortly after. , but it still served to give a more precise time interval when we can expect to see the mobile version.

Of course, that does not change much. In October, celebrating the tenth anniversary of League of Legends, the team announced that the mobile version would arrive in early 2020. “Before May” only reinforces this original announcement, showing that it is still in good shape. track for this original version from early 2020.

But not changing much is often great news. Mobile Version of Riot’s Teamfight Tactics to Release Before May 2020 It has become so common that games are postponed (or released unfinished with many cases) well beyond the original release period. The fact that the main designer confirms that the version is still compliant in early 2020 is a great sign to let us know that everything is going as planned.

Beyond that, we also know that Teamfight Tactics mobile will be released sometime in the next four months. Given the massive number of outings that Riot has planned for 2020, it’s a good sign that this outing is going as well as it seems.

Teamfight Tactics mobile will be compatible with multiple platforms, allowing those who play on mobile to play with those who play on the traditional League client on PC. Being able to maintain cross-platform compatibility is useful for both versions of the game, greatly increasing the game pool to reduce the waiting time for games.