Prince Harry – Royal Expert Thinks He’ll ‘Regret’

Royal expert and author Robert Jobson believes that Prince Harry will eventually regret his decision to leave the royal family and give up his title. As you know, he and Meghan Markle decided to opt for a simpler life and live in Hollywood instead of the palace, a movement nicknamed “ Megxit ”.

However, although they both seem pleased with this so far, Robert, who has known Harry for years, argues that he may have regrets later down the road.

While moving to Los Angeles with his wife and baby and giving up his Duke title were things that were easy for Harry, he also had to give up another position that is very dear and dear to his heart and that is the Captain General of the Royal Marines. Prince Harry – Royal Expert Thinks He’ll ‘Regret’ Exiting The Royal Family For THIS Reason!

This is the main reason why Jobson thinks that Harry will eventually regret “ Megxit ” in the long run.

Harry served in the British Army for no less than a decade and had that title for two, before resigning and moving to LA with his acting partner.

Robert explained via HollywoodLife that “I think it’s very disappointing. I think he will think about it and regret it.

Not only that, but the royal expert also believes that it will be hard for Harry to move away from the world in which he was born and lived all his life.