Professional League Of Legends Player Lee

In a move that seems to have upset many fans, Lee “Crown” Min-ho separated from his team, Counter Logic Gaming (CLG). The departure comes just three months and thirteen days after Crown joined the team.

With such a short stint on the team, we understand why he did not claim praise while playing for them. Yet Crown is considered one of the best active players right now, especially among its privileged role in the middle lane.

“Today, we are separating from Crown,” reads the announcement CLG posted on Twitter, which we placed below. “Thank you for your time on CL
Professional League Of Legends Player Lee “Crown” Min-ho Parts Ways With Counter Logic Gaming
By reading the responses, you can automatically see a little fan anger. A decently loved tweet blames Weldon Green, the CLG head coach, for clearing the list. The user states that Weldon was responsible for the alignment, communication and mental health of the players before calling the head coach the blame and blaming him for the blame.

Currently, CLG is participating in the LCS Spring Split, but they don’t have the best time. In fact, the team is currently at the bottom of the rankings, having won two games and suffered ten losses with six points in total. Sitting in the tenth, they have a tie for four for sixth place above them between 100 Thieves, Dignitas, Golden Guardians and Evil Geniuses, who are all seated at fifteen points with five wins and seven losses.

It is possible that a good part of this departure was on Crown, who was probably not satisfied with being a mid-laner for an LCS team which failed as much as competing in the current season. In addition, CLG recently brought back Pobelter, who left the team in November 2015. It is likely that competition for his role with his mid-laner colleague was the last drop for Crown, who was probably not impressed by its passage of three months.