PUBG Gamer Wins Week 4 Of The 2019 PUBG Awards

PUMA active play shoes combine the comfort of socks with the soles of outdoor shoes. The trailer features 3D knitting that combines layered mesh with breathability. The sole has a split bottom for more flexibility and the insole is made of double density foam.

The shoes are currently only available in black. It is currently unknown whether the shoes will be available in different colors in the future. PUMA also has the option of teaming up with eSports teams for unique brand active play shoes in the future.

The official description of the website states: “During in-depth discussions with professional players, we discovered the need for a shoe similar to a sock; one that is comfortable, light and grippy. PUBG Gamer Wins Week 4 Of The 2019 PUBG Awards With His Impressive Close-Range Sniper Triple-Kill It has a very low profile rubber outsole designed for use at home or in the arena. What we have created is a new performance shoe that we describe as active play shoes, the latest PUMA play tool to help players focus on their game and give the best of themselves. ”

The description of the store indicates that there are three different “fashions”, but their exact benefits are unclear. They include “medial grip in SEEK mode, support for lateral closure in ATTACK mode and stability of the heel closure in CRUISE and DEFENSE mode. .

ESports competitions take place regularly in large spaces, so players must dress for more comfort. PUMA aims to keep players comfortable at eSports events or in the comfort of their own homes. The new shoe is available to order on the official PUMA website, but it is not cheap.