Queen Elizabeth Tells UK Citizens In Historic

Queen Elizabeth wore a green outfit for the event, and she compared the speech with the war time speech she made in 1940 – when she was Princess Elizabeth – with her sister to entertain the family during World War II. The king showed black-and-white photos from a 1940 speech with Princess Margaret during his speech.

He said that as children, he and Margaret spoke from Windsor to other children who had been evacuated and sent for their own safety. Today, once again, Queen Elizabeth says that many feel a painful separation from their loved ones, referring to the order to stay at home in England. Queen Elizabeth Tells UK Citizens In Historic Televised Address That ‘We Will Succeed’ In Fighting COVID-19.

“A time of disturbance in the life of our country. Disruption that has brought sadness for some people, financial difficulties for many major changes in the lives of all of us, “said Queen Elizabeth. “But now, like that, we know, deep down, that is the right thing to do.”

Just as when the country was at war, Queen Elizabeth told her people that they must remain united and resolute during the pandemic, and then “we will overcome it.”