Riot Announces Playoff Brackets For League

The 2020 LCS Spring Split was a major disruption, with so many incidents due to COVID-19 pandemic. Originally organized as a personal event as usual, the games were eventually to be broadcast by a public-exclusive studio, under new government directives to combat the spread of pandemics.

Unfortunately, this reorganization has not affected the tournament much and we still have our finalists for the tournament. The first round of the games will take place soon, with games on April 4, 5 and 7.

After these races, we will proceed to the next stage of the arm on Saturday, April 11, where the winners of the first two races will fight each other. The winner will advance to the finals of the tournament, but in the meantime, we will have the arm of the loser to watch. Riot Announces Playoff Brackets For League Of Legends 2020 LCS Spring Playoffs

On Sunday, April 12, the winner of Race 3 (April 7) and Race 4 (April 8) will compete against each other. The winner will advance to the final against whoever wins at 11, while the loser will continue to see who will win as the winner of the lowest arm on Saturday, April 18.

April 19 will be the day we see the champion crowned. The winner of Race 5 and Race 6 will be against the other, with the winner taking the crown.

We have six teams to fill the brackets at the moment, with Evil Geniuses and Flyquest fighting on the first day of Race 2. The next day, Race 1 will play between Cloud9 and 100 Thieves.