Women’s Medical College

Claime is devoted to providing proficient academic with well ethnical learning encounter abroad that enhance global awareness, professional development and social responsibility. The organization concentrates its restorative programs in bangladesh, that includes a focus on complicated learning of Sylhet Women’s Medical College as well as the unique global role within the geopolitical current economic climate, humanities, in addition to the artistry. Claime occupations will be deliberately interdisciplinary, resulting in a larger expertise and global understanding. Claime employment opportunities on purpose to complete it is goals within a supportable and trustworthy method, with site towards the geographical effect on global and native groups. The skilled education within the nation was continuously fixing to hold tempo when using the global improvement of therapeutic practice. Bangladesh military was feeling the necessity intended for possessing a grouping of energetic, figured out and concentrated young people to develop the health sector in the 21st century. The medical education of the area has been regularly improving to carry pace combined with the worldwide improvement of healing science. Bangladesh armed forces had been feeling the necessity for obtaining a number of strenuous, encouraged and committed youngsters to acquire the sector inside the 20 primary hundred years.

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